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SunnyBeanCo is a women's boutique that started out as a small idea in mind. With the goal of being body positive and allowing all women to feel beautiful and confident, it turned into a plan and now we are so excited to bring you along on the journey! 

SunnyBeanCo was started in December 2022 and is based out of Eau Claire Area in Wisconsin. 




The name SunnyBeanCo is very near and dear to owner, Liz Rietschel's heart and many of those around her. The names Sunny and Bean come from her two angel babies she lost on June 30th, 2022 and November 10th, 2022. If anyone knows her personally, you know her dream is to be a mom. She is honoring her angels Sunny and Bean everyday through this business. 


Liz Rietschel is the sole and only owner of this boutique. It started as a little idea and grew into all of this. 

"Hi, I am so thankful for you to be checking out my small business! I was born in Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin and still reside in the area. I have two dogs, Duke and Louie and live with my boyfriend, Hudson. Being a bigger women, it has always been so hard to find larger sizes at small boutiques. My goal is to bring inclusive sizing to women everywhere. Thank you again for your support!"

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